Get IDV certificate

You can obtain the IDV Certificate for each KYB that has been verified through the bronID API. The IDV Certificate is a PDF document that contains information such as the IDV reference, IDV procedure, entity number, entity name, and, if applicable, the names of directors and shareholders, along with other relevant parameters. The data contained in the IDV Certificate is obtained from independent commercial or government registries.

API call

// api endpoint const apiEndpoint = ''; // request body const requestBody = { "metadata_version": "4", "metadata_serviceUid": "YOUR_SERVICE_UID", "metadata_secretKey": "YOUR_API_KEY", "trace": "0b72b60c-610c-4098-9ae5-e5aae8636bc1" };

API response

The response is a signed link to the IDV Certificate, which expires at the time specified with the


Sample response

{ "fileName": "IDV_Certificate_Sample", "downloadUrl": "", "expires": 1622633288849 }