Follow-up info request

Sometimes customers don't provide enough information to complete the verification of an entity. When this happens, you will receive the

verificationStatus: info
webhook to let you know that there is missing information. The missing information can only be regarding
related to the entity.

Note: This page is regarding the KYC API follow-up info request. If you are looking for the Forms API follow-up info request, you can find it here.

Sample incoming webhook

{ /* this status tells us there is missing information */ "verificationStatus": "info", /* we will need to use this parameter in our API call */ "verificationUuid": "cd0c518f-7084-49ff-802a-9c517245daf2", "timestamp": 1583455152245, "idvRiskScore": { "description": "Medium", }, /* requestedActions tells us what information is missing */ "requestedActions": [ { /* missing individual */ "type": "individual", /* the role of the individual */ "role": "shareholders", /* we will use the "id" to submit the details of this individual */ "id": "5ad6b33c-44f1-4b12-9ec9-31fadd41f6c3", /* details of the individual */ "fields": { "country": "AUS", "firstName": "Jane", "lastName": "Citizen", "middleName": "" } }, { /* missing document */ "type": "document", /* document name */ "extractType": "companyExtract", /* we will use the "id" to submit the document */ "id": "edfff080-8637-454a-9c5d-e2d3f6710ffc" } ] }

Submitting missing information

After you have collected the missing KYC information submit it to the


API endpoint
Sample follow-up verification request
{ "metadata_version": "4", "metadata_serviceUid": "yourServiceUid", "metadata_secretKey": "yourSecretKey", /* this needs to match the verificationUuid with status info */ "verificationUuid": "cd0c518f-7084-49ff-802a-9c517245daf2", "requestedActions": [ { /* missing individual */ "type": "individual", /* match the role */ "role": "shareholders", /* match the id */ "id": "5ad6b33c-44f1-4b12-9ec9-31fadd41f6c3", /* KYC details of the missing individual */ "fields": { "country": "AUS", "firstName": "Jane", "lastName": "Citizen", "middleName": "", "gender": "female", "dateOfBirth": "20/12/1980", "unitNumber": "1", "streetNumber": "94", "streetName": "Lennox", "streetType": "Street", "suburb": "CASINO", "postcode": "2470", "state": "NSW", "email": "" } }, { /* missing document */ "type": "document", /* match the id */ "id": "edfff080-8637-454a-9c5d-e2d3f6710ffc", /* base64 of the document */ "documentBase64": "" } ] }