Handling errors

In the case of an error, you will receive a response containing the error reason. You can use this info to debug your request. The error response will look something like:

// wrong credentials { "status": "error", "reason": [ { "field": "credentials", "reason": "wrong serviceUuid or secretKey" } ], "trace": "d96fdaf1-3f0e-4ab1-be91-0b1c094f8ac3", "errorCode": "-200" }


// field validation { "status": "error", "reason": [ { "field": "personal_dateOfBirth", "reason": "validation" } ], "trace": "c0730e4e-b8dd-447b-9578-b9b837e3df48", "errorCode": "-100" }

Please refer to the sample requests to find the correct format of the request.