Rejected verifications

When the submitted data is correct, in most cases, you will get a verified response.

Some of the most usual reasons why a verification was rejected are:

  • an incorrect document number or a typo
  • middle name was not submitted (when applicable)
  • not enough verification sources were matched to satisfy the bronID ID verification requirements
  • ID document has expired
  • the entity details could not be found in an official registry
Submitting additional/fixed details

In case there is a rejected verification response, the best course of action is to review the submitted data and fix any errors or typos and then submit a new verification request with the same

. If there are no errors in the information, the best way to get a verified response is to correct the data or to supplement the verification with additional documents.

Note: To supplement an existing verification, you have to use the same

parameter in the request metadata (

Reuse of the userId parameter

Please note that you should not reuse the userId for different users/customers. The same userId parameter should only be used to supplement an existing verification with additional documents/information in order to improve its verification outcome.

Also note that once a userId has been verified, even submitting incorrect details with the same userId will still result in a verified response as the latter request will be considered a supplement (addition) to the already successful verification. The new request will not run a new verification if you reuse the same userId.