KYC forms for individuals (USA) - guide

This page contains only params relevant for the specific example. For a complete list of params for this API call visit this page.

Basic details verification

A basic details verification occurs when there are enough data sources to perform the KYC verification without government ID documents. Below is an example of a basic details verification.

Test values

In the test environment, you can trigger (fake) a basic details verification if you enter "OK" as the middle name of the person you are trying to verify. You can find all test values here.


The response of the forms API contains the bronLink parameter. You can share this link with you customers via email, SMS or redirect them to the link from your app. The information you have submitted will be prefilled for them on the form. After they complete the verification you will receive a webhook with the verification status.


  • URL is only accessible for a limited time (30 minutes) after generation
  • URL can only be opened 3 times
  • URL can be used for a maximum of 5 verification attempts

Runnable example

// api endpoint
const apiEndpoint = '';

// request body
const kycData = {
	"metadata_serviceUid": "XL7ULiU6B4QE9Y2iWFZnhtMDKFN2",
	"metadata_secretKey": "api_sec_NJAtNcRtUrPlf7xYDrMNP9URI-ZfN314",
	"metadata_version": "4",
	"metadata_userId": "yourUniqueUserId",
	"bronLink_dataAccessType": "idForm",
	"type": "individual",
	"fields": {
		"country": "USA",
		"firstName": "Jane",
		"middleName": "ok",
		"lastName": "Citizen",
		"gender": "female",
		"dateOfBirth": "20/10/1980",
		"address": "250 Point Lobos Ave, San Francisco",
		"email": ""

// submit the KYC data to the bronID API
	.post(apiEndpoint, kycData)
	.then(res => {
		// print the verification results
		console.log('click the results to expand them');
		console.log(JSON.stringify(, null, 2));
	.catch(error => {
// Click “▶ run” to try this code live and run your first KYC.