KYC verification for individuals (AUS) - guide

This page contains only params relevant for the specific example. For a complete list of params for this API call visit this page.

Basic details verification

A basic details verification occurs when there are enough data sources to perform the KYC verification without government ID documents. Below is an example of a basic details verification.

Test values

In the test environment, you can trigger (fake) a basic details verification if you enter "OK" as the middle name of the person you are trying to verify. You can find all test values here.

Runnable example

// api endpoint
const apiEndpoint = '';

// request body
const kycData = {
	"metadata_version": "4",
	"metadata_serviceUid": "XL7ULiU6B4QE9Y2iWFZnhtMDKFN2",
	"metadata_secretKey": "api_sec_NJAtNcRtUrPlf7xYDrMNP9URI-ZfN314",
	"type": "individual",
	"fields": {
		"country": "AUS",
		"firstName": "Jane",
		"middleName": "ok",
		"lastName": "Citizen",
		"gender": "female",
		"dateOfBirth": "20/10/1980",
		"unitNumber": "1",
		"streetNumber": "95",
		"streetName": "Lennox",
		"streetType": "Street",
		"suburb": "CASINO",
		"postcode": "2470",
		"state": "NSW",
		"email": ""

// submit the KYC data to the bronID API
	.post(apiEndpoint, kycData)
	.then(res => {
		// print the verification results
		console.log('click the results to expand them');
		console.log(JSON.stringify(, null, 2));
	.catch(error => {
// Click “▶ run” to try this code live and run your first KYC.