KYC with missing information (AUS)

This page contains only params relevant for the specific example. For a complete list of params for this API call visit this page.

Info (missing information) webhook

Sometimes, the submitted entity details are not sufficient to perform the entity verification. In this case, you will receive the

webhook at your registered endpoint. The info webhook will contain a list of required actions that you need to execute in order to get a successful verification. The info webhook in the sample bellow tells us that we need to provide:

  • KYC information for one stakeholder (John ok Citizen from Australia)
  • The company extract for the entity

After you have supplied all the necessary information the entity will either go into

status and you will receive the webhook notifying you of the result.

In the example bellow we will see the following scenario:

Test values

In the test environment, you can trigger (fake) an info webhook if the name of the entity you are trying to verify starts with "Info". You can find all test values here.

Verification attempt 1

{ "metadata_version": "4", "metadata_serviceUid": "XL7ULiU6B4QE9Y2iWFZnhtMDKFN2", "metadata_secretKey": "api_sec_NJAtNcRtUrPlf7xYDrMNP9URI-ZfN314", "type": "privateCompany", "fields": { "country": "AUS", "acn": "123456789", "abn": "16123456789", "name": "Info My Company", } }

Webhook response 1

{ name: 'Info My Company', verificationStatus: 'info', verificationUuid: '117dad4d-1b97-40a1-884a-5ac86e73ee61', timestamp: 1592463688, requestedActions: [ { type: 'individual', role: 'directors', id: 'ab0fccd9-96e7-42e2-863f-62f5a918fdf4', fields: { country: 'AUS', firstName: 'John', lastName: 'Citizen', middleName: 'ok' }, }, { type: 'document', id: '297e144c-fd46-45aa-b1cb-f90fcadc91e8', extractType: 'companyExtract' }, ], }

Supply additional information 1

{ "metadata_version": "4", "metadata_serviceUid": "yourServiceUid", "metadata_secretKey": "yourSecretKey", /* this matches the verificationUuid of the info verification */ "verificationUuid": "117dad4d-1b97-40a1-884a-5ac86e73ee61", /* these are the requestedActions */ "requestedActions": [ { "type": "individual", "role": "directors", /* this matches the id of the requested stakeholder */ "id": "ab0fccd9-96e7-42e2-863f-62f5a918fdf4", "fields": { "country": "AUS", "firstName": "John", "middleName": "ok", "lastName": "Citizen", "gender": "male", "dateOfBirth": "20/10/1982", "unitNumber": "1", "streetNumber": "94", "streetName": "lennox", "streetType": "Street", "suburb": "CASINO", "postcode": "2470", "state": "NSW", "email": "" } }, { "type": "document", /* this matches the id of the requested document */ "id": "297e144c-fd46-45aa-b1cb-f90fcadc91e8", /* the base64 of the document */ "documentBase64": "", } ] }

Webhook response 2

{ name: 'Info My Company', verificationStatus: 'verified', verificationUuid: '358f6ccb-0a55-4650-b609-1b7d21f63989', timestamp: 1592465730, submissionStatus: 'submitted', stakeholders: [ { name: 'John ok Citizen', role: 'directors', id: '4cd55a0e-7477-4782-94fa-bfb2d9805abc', verificationStatus: 'verified', verificationScore: 250, verificationUuid: 'f36d2fee-8349-4add-b883-fe12d6b0f4fb', submissionStatus: 'submitted', timestamp: 1592465659, inWatchLists: [], outOfWatchLists: [ { method: 'background', name: 'International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Wanted Persons', officialUrl: '', }, // ... other results omitted ], }, ], }