KYC with nested stakeholders (AUS)

This page contains only params relevant for the specific example. For a complete list of params for this API call visit this page.

Nested entities

When the stakeholder of an entity is another entity (e.g. a parent company), you can nest the parent company verification details. In the example bellow, we have the target entity and two stakeholders: one individual and one private company. How you nest the company structure depends on the legal structure of the entities.

Runnable example

// api endpoint const apiEndpoint = ''; // request body const kycData = { "metadata_version": "4", "metadata_serviceUid": "XL7ULiU6B4QE9Y2iWFZnhtMDKFN2", "metadata_secretKey": "api_sec_NJAtNcRtUrPlf7xYDrMNP9URI-ZfN314", "type": "unRegulatedTrust", "fields": { "country": "AUS", "name": "My Unregulated Trust", "unRegulatedTrustType": "familyTrust", "registeredOfficeRequired": "125 York Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000", "trustDeed": "" }, "stakeholders": [ { "type": "individual", "role": "beneficiaries", "fields": { "firstName": "Jane", "middleName": "ok", "lastName": "Citizen", "gender": "female", "dateOfBirth": "20/12/1982", "unitNumber": "1", "streetNumber": "95", "streetName": "Lennox", "streetType": "Street", "suburb": "CASINO", "postcode": "2470", "state": "NSW", "email": "", "country": "AUS" } }, { "type": "privateCompany", "role": "trustee", "fields": { "country": "AUS", "acn": "123456789", "abn": "16123456789", "name": "My Company", "registeredOffice": "125 York Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000", "principalPlaceOfBusiness": "250 York Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000", "companyExtract": "" }, "stakeholders": [{ "type": "individual", "role": "shareholders", "fields": { "firstName": "Second", "middleName": "ok", "lastName": "Citizen", "gender": "female", "dateOfBirth": "20/10/1980", "unitNumber": "1", "streetNumber": "95", "streetName": "Lennox", "streetType": "Street", "suburb": "CASINO", "postcode": "2470", "state": "NSW", "email": "", "country": "AUS" } }] } ] }; console.log('Running request...') // submit the KYC data to the bronID API const bronIdResult = await axios .post(apiEndpoint, kycData) .then(res => { return; }) .catch(error => { console.log('error! click the results to expand them'); console.log(JSON.stringify(, null, 2)); }) const printResult = 'bronId API response: ' + JSON.stringify(bronIdResult, null, 2); // Click “▶ run” to try this code live and run your first KYC.